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About Corinne

Hello and welcome.  Thanks for dropping by.  I hope we'll have the chance to meet in a class soon here in West Vancouver.   I  have been practicing yoga and Pilates for over 20 years and teaching both for more than 12.  I started exploring both practices at a time where my home literally kept shifting and I was navigating a new role and life as a mom of young children.  It was a busy chaotic time.  Pilates taught me how to move in my body as did Yoga but it also gave me a stable place where I could feel grounded and to nourish my spirit.  As time has gone on I have returned again and again to my practice to stay strong in body and spirit.  Aside from these practices I love to hike, walk, travel, spend time with friends and family and am forever a student always wanting to learn and grow.  As I child I grew up in the interior of BC and later moved to Vancouver.  Shortly after meeting my husband, we moved overseas for the better part of 14 years living in Australia and Singapore.  Shortly after relocating to Singapore I took my first 200 hour yoga teacher training and Pilates followed quickly after.  I have been fortunate to continue to study with many wonderful teachers and for more than 1000 hours in both Pilates and Yoga. 


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I am fully certified in Pilates mat and have completed my Reformer, Chair and Tower trainings as well.   Both Pilates and Yoga blend together and complement each other in my own practice.  It therefore made perfect sense to me to share and teach both.   I love watching people in my classes as they get lit up and experience the great benefits of both in their bodies.  I welcome you to contact me to discuss private or group class offerings here in West Vancouver.  I truly believe that yoga and Pilates can benefit every body.

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I think we all need to remember our true nature, to remember how to love ourselves and be our own best friends.  When we can do this there’s so much more joy and compassion for everyone and everything around us.

- Corinne Letts



“Like me, do you crave a slice of peace and tranquility mid-week? Are you tired, lack energy? Are the aches and pains of life making your body and mind inflexible? Well, give yourself a gift - join me and others seeking flexible joints and chilled-out attitudes on Wednesday mornings at Corinne Letts’ Yin Yoga class. Your body and mind will be so grateful. I promise!”

- Jean Lewis

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